Welcome to 1 team energy.com

Traditional ways of working are under attack. There is worldwide competition, technology is changing at an unprecedented rate and pressures to drive down costs continue. To be successful, organizations need to challenge familiar ways of working, redesign their structures and put in place agile and smart technologies to ensure their focus on customers. 1 Team Energy works together with its clients to deliver tangible value from transformational change and achieve sustainable advantage where it really counts - customer satisfaction and the profit line.

Our focus is clear. We work together with our Energy and Utilities clients in the UK and Continental Europe to deliver transformational change. We use our proven expertise in business design and large-scale programme delivery to meet your specific business and information needs. Together, we create effective business processes, deliver your target environment faster and build commitment to the new design. We have to date and will continue to deliver mission critical programmes on time, to agreed budget and to the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Critical Success Factors

  1. Proven expertise and successful track record of delivering large scale mission critical programmes,
  2. Working together in one team with one plan to achieve success,
  3. Results driven with a clear focus on Energy and Utilities market,
  4. Business case driven and delivery of tangible benefits from smart technologies,
  5. Best practice process design and implementation within agile environment,
  6. Delivering quick wins to strengthen the case for implementation.